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Mesa Arts Center
PO Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211-1466

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Mesa Arts Center
One East Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201



Cindy Ornstein, Executive Director, Mesa Arts Center; Director, Arts & Culture, City of Mesa, 480-644-6601

Illya Riske, Assistant Director of the Department of Arts and Culture and Mesa Arts Center, 480-644-6605

Randall Vogel, Deputy Director, Performing Arts/Theaters 480-644-6603

Mandy Tripoli, Deputy Director, Visual Arts and Engagement/Education 480-644-6609

Fatima Freig, Financial Specialist, 480-644-6551

Tamara Wyllie, Financial Specialist, 480-644-6608

Lynette Donaldson, Financial Specialist, 480-644-4899

Sarah Goedicke, Management Assistant to the Executive Director, 480-644-6607

Candi Clausen, Administrative Support Assistant II, 480-644-6524

Kimberly Thomas-Reese, Administrative Support Assistant II, 480-644-6602


Art Studios

Laura Wilde, Studios Manager, 480-644-6541

Troy Moody, Lead Glass Instructor, 480-644-7465

Jesse Armstrong, Lead Ceramics Instructor, 480-644-6532

Casey Hanrahan, Lead Ceramics Technician, 480-644-6528

Rachel Goodwin, Lead Graphic Arts Instructor, 480-644-3529

Jenny Vaughn, Lead Jewelry Instructor, 480-644-6530

Matt Smith, Lead Metal Sculpture Instructor, 480-644-7464

Aimee Marcinko, Youth Lead Instructor, 480-644-6541


Box Office/Registration

Andrew Douglas, Director of Ticketing, 480-644-6507

Theresa Hernandez, Assistant Box Office & Registration Supervisor, 480-644-6504

Tonia Litchy, Assistant Box Office & Registration Supervisor, 480-644-6506

Jonathan Sinica, Reservation & Registration Support Assistance, 480-644-6523

Vickie Wildermuth, Reservation & Registration Support Assistance, 480-644-6522


Campus Operations/Security

Tom Naylor, Director of Operations, 480-644-6631

Joe Pruna, Operations Foreman, 480-644-4590

Marcos Rivera, Lead Service Worker, 480-644-4251

Tiffany Franko, Lead Service Worker, 480-644-4251



Renee Lopata, Development Director, 480-644-6613

Hillary West, Corporate and Foundation Relations Manager, 480-644-6615

Michael Wallot, Membership Coordinator, 480-644-6604



Tomás Stanton, Engagement Manager, 480-644-2162

Jessica Seger, Engagement Associate, 480-644-6564

Danica Marlin, Community Engagement Specialist, 480-644-6627

Sarah Dolens-Moon, Arts Learning Specialist, 480-644-3652

Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker, Festivals and Special Events Manager, 480-644-6540


Event Services

Jaime Kenney, Event Services Supervisor, 480-644-6580

Linda Klosterman, Event Services Coordinator, 480-644-6584

Eli Schellinger, Event Services Coordinator, 480-644-6511

Jenn Hedgepath, Event Services Coordinator, 480-644-6534

Kara Chesser, Front of House Coordinator, 480-644-6582

Adrienne Manning, Event Services Administrative Assistant, 480-644-6589

Eileen Cary, Event Services Administrative Assistant, 480-644-6645


Volunteer Office

Michelle Prosser, Volunteer Coordinator/HR Liaison, 480-644-4695


Food & Beverage

Yesenia SeguraVilla, Food & Beverage Supervisor, 480-644-6641


Marketing & Public Relations

Kristin McLeod, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mesa Arts Center; Marketing Director, Arts & Culture, City of Mesa 480-644-6622

Amanda Urrea, Public Relations Manager, 480-644-6620

Hannah Hockersmith, Marketing/Communications Specialist, 480-644-6624


Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

Tiffany Fairall, Chief Curator, 480-644-6562

Colette Pecenka, Curator of Exhibitions and Education, 480-644-6561

Frank Gonzales, Preparator, 480-644-6563

Judy Dahms-Brouillard, Registrar, 480-644-6565

Cinda Smith, Visitor Services



Robby Elliott, Director of Production, 480-644-6597

Troy Buckey, Technical Director, 480-644-6592

Mike Johnson, Production Supervisor, 480-644-6617

Earl Fortner, Production Coordinator

Catelyn Booth, Production Coordinator

Kevin Hull, Production Coordinator

Andrew Kofile, Theater Technical Coordinator